„Nine out of ten people love chocolate. The tenth person always lies.“ - John Tullius

During the past few years Süßwaren Grasel GmbH has developed to Austrias chief ambassador of eatable happiness hormones. It does not matter if we are producing chocolate, coffee or even champagne: We work with the leading manufacturers and therefore only offer products of the highest quality to our customers. Everybody knows the famous Mozartkugeln from Mirabell and thevarious kinds of tenderly melting Milka chocolate. Coffee, chocolate, Mozart-liqueur, champagne are more than just popular gifts - they are a beautiful memory of a journey to Austria, a sign of consolation in tough times, a piece of happiness.

Chocolate around the world

The Austrian family company Grasel GmbH is also established on the international market. 6.000 tons of chocolate have been exported to the whole world. You will also find our products at our distribution partners, some of which are the famous tourist attractions like the Schloss Schönbrunn, the Schloss Belvedere, the „Kärntnerstraße“ in Vienna and of course the Vienna International Airport.

Joachim Grasel is the owner of Süßwaren Grasel - his recipe for success: His partners of course love his high quality products, but also treasure his expert knowledge, flexibility, ability to actand trustworthiness. Grasel has turned his passion to his profession and is constantly looking for new ground-breaking products. At the same time he relies on consistency of his established products. Mondelez, Mirabell, Jacobs, Nestlé, Top Spirit, Rauch and Mozart liqueurs: They are all being distributed by the Grasel company.

Chocolate brings happiness

This is not just a slogan for the family company Grasel: They give a piece of happiness to people, who are in need. Joachim Grasel commits to several charity campaigns for children who have had a bad start in life and have had to grow up without their parents. The Grasel company doesn't only help with chocolate gifts, but also donates to various charity projects. Joachim Grasel: “We try to give to those, who are in need.” Sports is also rated highat the Grasel company – they sponsor and support an Icehockey team and a local football team.

Sweet game

The European poker tour 2014 and2015 were also sponsored by the Grasel company. A true triumph of the happiness hormones. And again the slogan was: chocolate around the world!

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