Chocolate makes everybody happy - a small gift, a time-out or soul-food! "Chocolate around the world" is not only a slogan at Sweets Grasel. If you want to multiply luck, you have to share it. Therefore we support events / organisations, projects or those who have been through hard times.

Dominic Thiem proved his abilities as football-pro

Dominic Thiem is one of the top Tennis-players worldwide. But he has a secret passion - playing football. That's why he founded the 1. TFC - his team came to Bad Fischau-Brunn (Lower Austria) to play football. Their counterpart was the Slovenian tennis elite, who seemed to enjoy the game. Thiems team finally managed to win the game. Sweets Grasel, who sponsors the ASK Bad Fischau-Brunn, the local football-team was proud to sponsor this event. Joachim Grasel and Dominic Thiem both celebrated their birthdays within a week. That's why Joachim Grasel had a sweet present for tennis-pro Dominic Thiem. Grasel got a special chocolate cake from his team, the ASK Bad Fischau. Sweets Grasel - we power your team!


We are proud to announce the sponsoring of the 15-year-old marathon runner Benjamin Strahlhofer. The young Austrian raised a passion for running a few years ago. Since that he trains regularly. Two years ago he participated at the Vienna City Marathon and managed to run the half marathon. This year he will be the youngest, male participant at the Marathon. Unlikely for his age, he doesn't sneak out at night to meet some friends or do some crazy stuff. He was sneaking out his tent while he was camping with his grandparents in Carinthia at two o'clock in the morning, because he wanted to run around the lake Wörthersee undisturbed. "Children are our future and it's a pleasure to support a young man with such an ambitious goal. That's the kind of boys we need to be successful in the future", owner of Sweets Grasel, Joachim Grasel, a proud family father, says. The company Sweets Grasel is sponsoring a football club and an ice-hockey-club - both support young members.


Kids are our future, but some didn't have an easy start. Sometimes obstacles seem to be insurmountable. That's why we think it's important to give those who are in need moments of happiness or at least make them smile and forget their sorrows for a while. We support children's protectories in Hungary and Austrian organisations such as SOS Kinderdorf.


„Sports can be a diversion. Sports can be a hobby. And, for a fortunate few, sports can change the world“, Nelson Mandela. We support sports teams in Austria: Ice hockey, football – for example the Vienna ice hockey team lions. „The unifying power in our team is due to our aim to make ice-hockey a sport for everybody.“


Another team that we support is the ASK Bad Fischau-Brunn (NÖ). They want to teach their young team members, besides football, social skills such as respect, appreciation, teamwork. We are proud to be part of this!

On September 10th 2016 the ASK Bad Fischau-Brunn celebrated its 70th birthday with a big tournament: the "legends" of Rapid and those of the ASK Bad Fischau-Brunn played a friendly match. "We are proud to have sponsored this tournament - football is great opportunity for young people to learn social skills", says Joachim Grasel (Sweets Grasel).

Press-Review of the 70-year-anniversary of the ASK Bad Fischau-Brunn


The moonlight challenge is an event with various competitions leading in a great party. We have supported this event two years in a row. Another proof, that sports unite!


Rien ne va plus! Sweets Grasel was the main sponsor ofthe EPT (european poker tournament) for two years. „This partnership with the EPT enables players to try something new and sweet. We are proud to share our chocolate with the players at the EPT and show once more that Sweets Grasel brings chocolate around the world“, said founder Joachim Grasel in an interview at the EPT.


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